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Kyrgyzstan is our new friend

31 December 2014

SOLOMON Islands has entered into diplomatic ties with the central Asian nation of Kyrgyzstan.

The country’s ambassador to the United Nations in New York, Collin Beck, formalised the relations with his Kyrgyzstan’s counterpart on December 22.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Beraki Jino said the two countries agreed to strengthen ties of friendship and cooperation guided by the principles and purposes of the charter of the United Nations.

“The signed joint communique also recognises each other’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Mr Jino said.

He said Solomon Islands continue to broaden its relations with the international community.

“Kyrgyzstan is the 117th out of 192 United Nations members, Solomon Islands has diplomatic relations with.

“Both Solomon Islands and Kyrgyz Republic belong to the Asia and Pacific Regional Group. Kyrgyz Republic is located in central Asia.”

Mr Jino added Kyrgyzstan is the fourth country Solomon Islands has established relations with during the course of 2014.

“A number of countries are on the annual work program of the ministry to formalise relations with and hopefully could be done during the course of 2015.”