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New mayor promises change

31 December 2014

NEWLY-ELECTED city mayor Alfrence Inoga Fatai has promised “change” for Honiara as be assumed responsibility yesterday.

But he acknowledged change can only be achieved through cooperation.

“Let us make changes in the sectors, you want change, I want change; all of us want change,” he said during his victory speech.

Mr Fatai said change has been wanted and is visible during election of the new National Government.

“The Council elections likewise would also like to reflect change,” he said.

“We must bring about changes the citizens of Honiara expect of us, a real change that must come within and it begins with us.

“Our attitude, ideas and motives to politics must change, differences have to be put aside and people-first approach must prevail.

“While in the council there is no opposition, we need every able hand to bring this change, a change that is physical and is measureable,” he added.

“As a mayor, I would like to see change in the organisational structure of the council, improve capacity of building and institutional strengthening.

“Review and reintroduction of the employment board, the tendering procedures and relook at management policy of the council.

“We also need to improve council taxes to broaden the revenue base of the council.

“Enforcement of bylaws is necessary and all councilors are encouraged to know the bylaws to begin with and work in partnerships with authorities, our stakeholders and communities, to keep our city safe and secure for our citizens, a crime free city,” Mr Fatai said.

He said the infrastructure division is required to deliver its mandated services.

“We must resource this sector to effectively carry out the services required of us; this is where we are judged.

“To the youth and women, you will not be ignored. You will be included in the many events and happenings; this city is yours and yours to live and keep it. Youth and women, I salute you.

“Developing the City is the way forward, so as the physical planning sector is so important to the council.

“Town and Country Planning Board under this section must be functional and free of manipulation and influence.

“We must stand our grounds and plan our city well to meet the demands of this day and age.”

Mr Fatai added the Central Market too requires attention.

“This is where we buy and sell our food. A clean market reflects our kitchen and how we prepare our food; it should be safe for women and children.

“Let us together live a care-free city, safe and secure for all races to mingle and live together in peace and happiness.”

Former mayor Andrew Mua congratulated Mr Fatai and said he supports change, and is pledging his cooperation to achieve that change.

“I stand by the notion of the elected mayor and wish to pledge my full support for change.”

Mr Mua said while he acknowledged change as a priority, he reiterated the outstanding plans and issues, hoping that the new council will take them on board.

 “The Honiara teachers issue is an outstanding one, I hope the council under your leadership will address it.”