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RSIPF successful operations with public support

05 January 2015

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) had successfully conducted its Christmas and New Year operations, with the support of public cooperation and their respect to law and order.

This is an important step forward towards 2015 with the support and assistance of collective hands to curb and reduce crime, which will then promote and allow peace and safety to rule and prosper in our society.

The Honiara City Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Superintendent Jack Balaga has echoed his sentiments on behalf of the RSIPF and its counterparts, the Participating Police Force (PPF) and the Prison Service Department, to acknowledge the huge task of getting through to a new year was immensely supported by members of the public.

“I would like to thank the general public, stake holders, business firms and the Government of the day for the great support and cooperation, demonstrated since day one of our Operation Big Man starting on November 18, 2014 to January 1, 2015.” 

“Although we have stumble along the way, but having to work together in achieving a peaceful and successful National General election and going through Christmas and New Year without major criminal and disastrous issues, proven that this is a Happy Isles’ with  people who want to embrace peace and harmony,” Police Commander Balaga said.

“Police will continue with its normal routine duties and members of the public are urge to take care of their daily business, as many will travel back to town to resume work, school and personal endeavours.”      

“Generally, the whole country is relatively quiet from the provinces and especially in Honiara, which have hosts a lot of celebrations with a large number of people staying back from going out on holiday break.”

“I would like to join the leaders of this Nation appeal and urge everyone that we continue and work together and fight corruption and reduce crimes, occurring in our communities. With this, I wish you all a successful Happy New Year 2015!” PPC Jack Balaga said.

- Police Media