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Chinese Association assures PM of cooperation

22 January 2015

The Solomon Islands Chinese Association has assured the Sogavare-led Democratic Coalition for Change Government (DCC) of its cooperation with the state in ensuring the Chinese living in Solomon Islands and those coming into the country do what is right.

President of the Solomon Islands Chinese Association Matthew Quan made the assurance when he and two other members of his association met with the Prime Minister Thursday.

Mr Quan congratulated Mr Sogavare for his election as Prime Minister and told him that should there be issues concerning the Chinese in the country or concerns about those that are coming into the country, then DCC should inform his association.

“I wish to convey my association’s sincere congratulations to you for your election as Prime Minister.

“We will work together with your office and your government to ensure Chinese living here and those wanting to come to the country abide by the laws of this country and respect its people.

“If there are issues that you need to raise concerning the Chinese, then let us know.”

Mr Quan said his association also works closely with the Chinese Embassy in Papua New Guinea and has requested the diplomatic mission to thoroughly scrutinise Chinese investors wanting to come to Solomon Islands before granting them visas.

“We also want to see genuine Chinese investors come into Solomon Islands.

“The kind of investors who will also work for the benefit of Solomon Islanders other than their own.”

On this note, he informed the Prime Minister of a 17 member delegation from the Guangdong Province of the People’s Republic of China visiting Solomon Islands next month on a friendship visit.

“As you know, Guadalcanal Province and the Guangdong Province have in place a sister relationship and the delegation wants to visit Solomon Islands just to look at the people here and the investment opportunities here.

“Some members of the delegation have been here before and think Solomon Islands is a country with a lot of potential for investment.”

In response, Prime Minister Sogavare thanked the Solomon Islands Chinese Association for their well wishes and welcomed the announcement of the PRC delegation visit to Solomon Islands.

“We welcome the delegation with open arms. We are open to anyone who wants to visit us.”

The Prime Minister also acknowledged the Chinese Association’s contributions to Solomon Islands development through taxation and charity.