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Gov’t: Maelanga is a hypocrite

22 January 2015

THE Prime Minister’s Office has slammed the call made by the Leader of the Independent Group in Parliament urging the Democratic Coalition for Change Government not to appoint Political Appointees on the SS4 level, describing it as “hypocritical”.

Leader of Independent Manasseh Maelanga said any appointment of political appointees on the SS4 level which is equivalent to the salary scale of Permanent Secretaries is unreasonable as the latter are established under the Constitution to specially carry out “administrative, technical and accounting functions.

But responding to the Independent Group Leader, the Prime Minister’s Office said any criticisms on the DCC government’s political appointments are best left to when they are formalised and announced.

It added that the call by the Independent Group Leader demonstrates gross hypocrisy as the Special Secretary to the Prime Minister, Chief of Staff and a number of political appointees of the previous Darcy Lilo-led National Coalition for Rural Advancement Government were also paid at the SS4 level.

“Unless the Independent Group Leader was oblivious to the political appointments of the Darcy Lilo-led NCRA Government of which he was the Deputy Prime Minister, he is a total hypocrite.”

The Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet said it is advisable that the Independent Leader refrain from making statements that will only fireback at him.