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PM wants FSII deregistered

19 October 2015

PRIME MINISTER, Manasseh Sogavare says he would support deregistration of Forum Solomon Islands International (FSII).

Mr Sogavare said, in his key address to Parliament last week.

The Prime Minister said, out of seven objectives of Forum Solomon Islands International (FSII) six of them were clearly political in nature, which puts their position in question under the charitable act, hence the organisation must be deregistered.

Prime Minister Sogavare made the comment in response to a draft resolution from the People’s Forum organised by FSII members seeking Government’s explanation to controversial decisions and actions it had made which had come under much public criticism.

But the Prime Minister pointed out that the same constitution that FSII is quoting to seek answers from the government regarding their controversial decisions has empowered parliament as well to make laws that regulates them by nature of their deeds and also to that of persons and authorities.

He said an example of this is the Charitable Act under which the FSII was registered does not allow them to involve in debates that are clearly political.

Mr Sogavare said, it is clear that the leadership of FSII has lost total control and failed to comply with the constitution of the organisation in the management of articles and statements posted in their website.

“There is a clear requirement that the postings must be approved be the leadership of the organisation. This did not happen. And this is clearly reflected in the junks and rubbish that are posted in their website,” PM expressed in disappointment

Mr Sogavare added FSII must seek registration as a political party under the Political Party Integrity Act, if they like to continue to involve in politics and political debates, but not under the Charitable Act, which only allows for registration of organisations whose objectives and purpose of existence were charitable.

He said, the government in due course will through the registrar require FSII to explain why they cannot be deregistered.