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Trump wants closer security ties with SI

10 August 2017
President Trump and Ambassador Sisilo.

UNITED States president Donald Trump says he wanted stronger cooperation with Solomon Islands on matters of security.

Mr Trump conveyed his desire to the country’s ambassador to the United States, Robert Sisilo, when Mr Sisilo presented his Letter of Credence at the Oval Office on the West Wing of the White House on 21 June.

“The Solomon Islands and the United States share a long history of friendship,” President Trump said.

“With this year commemorating the 75th anniversary of the landing of Allied forces on Guadalcanal, I want to reinforce our strong security partnership that developed during World War II,” Mr Trump, also Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces (Army, Navy and Air Force), said.

The US president also commended the designation of Bloody Ridge as a National Heritage.

“Your country’s assistance with designating Bloody Ridge as a National Heritage Site reflects the deep commitment to freedom and democracy that our countries share,” Mr Trump remarked.

And this was in response to Mr Sisilo’s earlier remarks recalling what happened on 7 August 1942, almost 75 years ago, when US marines and Solomon Islanders fought side by side as allies during World War II and the warm relationship it has since generated and developed between the two countries.

Mr Trump, in his remarks to Mr Sisilo, took the opportunity to also congratulate the people of Solomon Islands for their achievements since the beginning of the 14-year-long Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands.

“The Solomon Islands have done much to professionalize the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force, greatly reducing violent crimes.

“I admire your efforts to continue to strive towards lasting peace, stability, and social harmony,” Mr Trump said as he looked forward to deepening the strong and abiding friendship of the United States of America and Solomon Islands.

The 75th anniversary of the Battle of Guadalcanal was marked since Saturday until yesterday.