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No evidence in SINU sex allegation

07 September 2017

THE management of Solomon Islands National University has denied any knowledge of social media rumours alleging sexual relations between certain lecturers and female students.

A spokesman from the office of the Vice Chancellor said:

 “There has been no evidence to support the ongoing investigation by the SINU management on allegations of sexual relationship between certain lecturers and some female students, in exchange for good academic grades.”

The spokesman added nothing substantial have surfaced to prove the allegations therefore this could be seen as fabricated lies to tarnish the reputation of SINU.

He added they cited the allegation on social media and decide to investigate but could not go further because there are no evidence to establish the truth.

It was alleged some female students have been seeking favours from their lecturers to provide them better grades in return for sex.

But the spokesman said there is simply no evidence provided to enable an investigation to start.

He added those who spread the rumours and have strong evidence should help the investigation so SINU can pursue the matter.