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Bosamata: Literacy transform lives

11 September 2017
Some of the participants who attended the International Literacy day celebrations.

LITERACY transforms lives.

That’s according to acting Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development James Bosamata.

“Reading and writing gives the power to transform lives in homes, schools and communities,” Mr Bosamata told an International Literacy Day event in Honiara, Friday.

“We celebrate this literacy day to advocate for a literate world for our children, youths and adults,” he added.

“The Solomon Islands Government, working together with other organizations we will support literacy advocators, educators and leaders in communities to celebrate the power of reading and writing change lives.”

Mr Bosamata stated that literacy is our national responsibility and each of us has a very significant part to play when it comes to literacy.

He said according to the Universal global report on education in Solomon Islands, it is noted that one of five men and two third of women are illiterate.

“Some are usually out of school and some are irregularly attending schools,” Mr Bosamata said.

“Each of us can advocate for literacy as the foundation success in every area of our individual lives.”

He said that literacy is as important as the food we eat in order to be alive and successful.

“Literacy is for everyone, everywhere and every day.

“It is very important in improving the quality of life, attaining better equality and improving the future of our people.

“The importance of celebrating the International Literacy Day is to promote public consciousness about the value of the written word and to increase the literate rate of the society in local language, Pijin and English.

“Literacy has the ability to raise the family status and also country status.

“It is about writing and communicating ideas with power and passion. These skills are vital in today’s society,” Mr Bosamata said.

Friday's event was attended by students, teachers, representatives from UNESCO, and officials from the Ministry of Education.