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City Mission Vocational Centre welcomes new students

12 September 2017
New students welcomed at the City Mission Vocational Centre.

THE City Mission Vocational Centre has welcomed its first intake of students for this year.

The student enrollment has reached 80 after four weeks into studies.

Speaking to the Solomon Star, Reverend Titus Luther of the Foursquare Gospel Church thanked the students for their interest to pursue studies at his newly established vocational training centre.

Rev Luther said he welcomed the students to the school and urged them to make use of the training opportunity so they could be able to help their families and communities after they had completed their courses.

He said he also encouraged the students to make themselves at home at school so they could concentrate on their skills training courses and also bible studies.

Rev Luther added that the school is slowly growing and the school expects more improvements in terms of facilities and human resources to boost students’ learning.

He said the school offers a wide range of courses amongest carpentry, plumbing, electrical, agriculture, mechanic, tourism/ hospitality, management, basic computing and business studies.

Rev Luther said he is very proud to have a good number of students enrolled for this semester, adding that the school will continue to open up opportunities for more people who wish to pursue studies.

He said one very important advantage of the school is the fact that the institution is founded on Christian principles and that Bible studies  are compulsory for every student.

Rev Luther said the Bible studies are aimed at instilling good discipline in students and together with their specific skills training, they can become valuable assets to themselves, their families, communities and the nation as a whole.



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