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Auki Market bans black market

09 February 2018
The Auki market.

The Management of Auki Market in Malaita have finally put a stop to black-market activities that have been going on within the market premises over the past years.

Last week, security officers at the market stopped vendors who attempted to purchase out-right produces from farmers arriving at the market.

Their intention was to buy off all the produces and re-sell them at the market.

“Black-market activities are totally not allowed at Auki market,” a statement from the management said.

“The management sees this kind of practice as unfair and a denial of the rights of farmers to sell their produces at the market at a price they themselves will determined,” the statement added.

“Hard working farmers should sell their products freely to satisfy public demand of quantity and quality food crops.

“We are not allowing black-market activity like at Honiara Central Market where most vendors usually buy from farmers, resize and re-sell it at mark-up prices.

“Any vendor found practicing black-market activities in Auki market will be ban from vending at the market.”

The Auki market management calls on the public and market vendors to report to the management any illegal activities they see at the market.

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