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Auki Travelers Lodge death

12 February 2018
Police Commissioner, Matthew Varley.

Police receive medical report, no arrest as yet



POLICE have now received the pathologist’s report of the young woman who was found dead inside a room at the Auki Travelers Lodge on Christmas Eve.

However, Police Commissioner Matthew Varley last Friday said no arrest has been made at this stage.

But he stated the pathologist’s report has been received by the police.

“And at this stage, we have not identified any suspect in relation to that death,”Mr Varley said.

“But the cause of death is subject to review of that medical report by our officers in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

“We (police) are just looking at whether there is any evidence of any other foul play.

“… and then we will be able to come to a conclusion on that case.”

Mr Varley said at this point he does not have any evidences to suggest of any suspect or any foul play.

“We are waiting to see clarifications based onDPP and the legal advice.”

He said no arrest has been made at this stage but if anyone again still has more information to provide the police with, they welcome that.

“We are nearing the end of that investigation,” he said.

The body of the young woman, 20, was found in a room at the Auki Travelers Lodge at about 6pm on Christmas Eve.

Earlier reports stated that she was drinking the night before with other young people in the motel.