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Taiwan hands over solar lights to constituencies

22 February 2018
PM Hou officially receiving the solar on behalf of the government and people of Solomon Islands from the Taiwan Ambassador Roger Luo.

Republic of China (ROC) Taiwan officially hands over more than 11,000 units of solar lamps to the government of Solomon Islands yesterday in Honiara.

The handing over ceremony was organised at the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) infront of its headquarter located behind the Tongs building, east Honiara.

Speaking at the occasion Taiwan Ambassador to Solomon Islands Roger Luo expressed gratitude to hand over the solar equipment to be used by students from the 50 constituencies.

“It is my great honor to co-host this handing over ceremony with the Prime Minister on behalf of my government to donate the 2018 Clear Energy Project: One Student One Solar Lamp program.

“I am proud to share the latest features of this version including much brighter LED lights, lighter weight, switch to general type lithium battery, build-in AM/FM radio with antenna, USB output, and longer use time with shorter recharge time.”

These solar lamps will be distributed to students and villagers in all 50 constituencies of this country through Members of Parliament, Constituency Development Officers within the Ministry of Rural Development.

Ambassador Luo said, this year, each constituency will receive 220 units of solar lamps.

“The solar lamp project which originated from the One Student One Solar Lamp program, since 2011 is intended to help Solomon Island students with better lighting systems for their daily study.”

He explained the clean Energy Program demonstrates Taiwan’s continued commitment to Solomon Islands and its dedication to promote reliable and affordable solar energy to the students and villagers in the rural areas.

Solomon Islands has abundant sunlight all year round, therefore it has great potential to benefit from clean solar energy.

Mr Luo said that Taiwan is ready to help Solomon Islands to improve the living condition in the rural areas by offering the advanced solar energy technology.

He said that the solar lamps are worth around 3million SBD in total.

Prime Minister Rick Hou on behalf of the government thanked the Taiwanese government for its commitment towards the ‘One Student One Solar Lamp program’ which was established since 2011.

He said, the initiative aims to help local students especially in the rural areas with better lighting systems for their daily study.

“...this generous gift by the Republic of China (Taiwan) has benefited alot of our school children in the country.”

He said, the latest donation is worth $3million.

While thanking ROC for the support, he appealed to the students to use the lamps wisely to do their studies.

“This generous gift and support by ROC will continue to go a long way towards supporting Solomon Islands in striving to meets its educational goals and commitments in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Solomon Islands National Development Strategy 2016-2023.”