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Local artists thankful for workshop

26 March 2018
Two local artists displaying some of Betsy's art work.

MEMBERS of the Art Society Solomon Islands (ASSI) have voiced their appreciation to the United States (US) Embassy following the successful completion of a one-day art workshop last week.

Speaking on behalf of all the artists, Chairman of the local Art Society Richard Bibimarui said that they were very happy to have learnt about new art techniques during the workshop and thanked the US Embassy in Port Moresby for their well-done job in initiating the art painting workshop.

He said, it was such a very long time ago that Solomon Islands local artist were given to experience this kind of a workshop

“On behalf of the arts society, I would like to thank the facilitator Betsy Eby and her husband Bartlett and the US Embassy team for availing themselves to Solomon Islands for this workshop.

“This workshop has created a wider path for our local artists to think more seriously in making their art known throughout the Solomon’s Islands and abroad, especially on developing their own styles.

 “Art is a human activity in which materials are shaped or sketched following an idea or emotion.

He added, “In some cases art work or painting also gives us a clear picture of under standing of our culture and tradition which relates about life from the past.”

He said since Solomon Islands will be the host for this upcoming Melanesian festival on July,  local artist are very excited and ready to showcase their talent in different types of arts, either on painting, carving or drawing as they are ready to showcase their talent to other Melanesian artists during the upcoming festival program.