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Ship crews undergo basic safety training

18 June 2018
A ship crew member jumps into the ocean in a drill as part of the training.

A GROUP of uncertified ship crew have successfully completed a safety training in Honiara last week.

The training was facilitated by Sol-Safety Consultancy and Training Services (SSCTS), which is privately owned by Elijah Mouku.

The training was made possible under the support of Solomon Islands Maritime Safety Administration (SIMSA).

The training enabled uncertified marines crews who have been employed by local shipping companies throughout Solomon Islands to be trained on safety rules while working on a board..

Following the training the participants obtained a basic maritime safety certificate.

During the practical session at Ranadi seafront, East Honiara the participants were able to undergo practical exercises on how to wear life jackets, unfold a life raft, how to jump into the ocean, how to remain as a group while floating and understanding other basic marines equipment.

Since the establishment of SSCTS in 2013, it has been providing various training to crews and the latest was on Thursday.

Mr Mouku explained the program is to ensure boat crews are qualified before working on the local vessels.

“Its important for crews who work in many of these marine’s vessel to get basic safety qualification because it is part of SIMSA reform to see that all marine crews are qualified and must undergo safety training.

“So I am here to help our uncertified marine crew to obtain basic marine safety knowledge.

“My target is to teach people who work in many local boats ships that haven’t got any basic maritime safety training to have the skills.”

He said its important for crews to have safety skills in order of any disaster during their time out at sea.

“The five days basic maritime safety training should now give the students the confident to work in any marine vessels.”