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Memories from MACFest lingers on

11 July 2018
Philemon (right) and his father doing the final touches on their carving at the Melanesian Arts and Culture village on Monday.

THE 6th Melanesia Arts and Cultural Festival has ended but memories from the event will remain for two skillful craftsmen from Vanuatu.

The duo, James Zepeta and Philemon Jimmys, completed a wood carving associated with traditional culture of Vanuatu.

Like father and son, both craftsmen caught the attention of the crowd as they painstakingly worked together to complete the traditional carving representing Vanuatu.

Mr Zepeta told the Solomon Star that the wood carving they are crafting has historical story associated to cultures in Vanuatu.

The wood carving features a pot, man doing a sky dive, coconut crab, traditional pine pipe, human face, fish and a man sitting with Kava on the bottom.

 Mr Zepeta said the pot symbolizes connection between the Melanesia, while the man skydives symbolizes Yam ceremony in Vanuatu.

He said the coconut crab symbolizes the main food in some part of Vanuatu while human face tells human stories of Vanuatu.

The man sitting with Kava tells the story of the popular Nakamal in Vanuatu.

He said the Melanesian Art and Cultural Festival in Honiara gave them an opportunity to share their skills and talents with other Melanesian countries.