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Election float parade hits city

01 April 2019

WITH just over a day before the country goes to poll this Wednesday, election related float parade along the streets of Honiara is now evident.

Over the weekend, a good number of candidates and their supporters have hit the roads through convoy of truckloads of voters and supporters.

According to the recently passed election regulation, there should be no election related activities from campaigning, parading and displaying election related materials 24 hours before the election day on Wednesday, 3rd April.

As such over the past few days, Honiara like other constituencies have been busy with campaign activities and street parade.

With the remaining days before the election, candidates and their supporters are using all whatever means to reach out to the public.

A number of candidates have conducted a number of float parades last week with their final one today.

On Sunday, similar parades were conducted within three of the Honiara constituencies after lunch.

On the roads convoy of vehicles loaded with their supporters moved through the city.

Supporters can be heard shouting and displaying the symbol of their candidates.

Police were also at hand to provide security as well as control the traffic.

A number of candidates held their final campaign yesterday with a parade expected today.

Meanwhile, in the provinces there have been reports of candidates and their supporters parading by sea in boatloads.

Many Honiara-based voters have traveled to their constituencies over the past days.