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Killer croc slain

13 June 2019

A THREE-METRE crocodile was trapped and killed recently around the Kaza village area on Kolombangara Island, Western Province, on Thursday the 6th of June.

Following the crocodile attack that resulted in the death of an adult male around 2am Monday the 3rd of June, a Police Response Team (PRT) was dispatched to the area.

Two crocs were shot and killed by PRT officers; a third was later found caught in a trap and killed by villagers with spears and knives – the third proving to be the killer croc they were after.

Villagers say when the croc was opened up by PRT officers, the remains of a human arm was found in its stomach as well as the remains off a dog that had gone missing recently.

The crocodile sightings around Kaza village was reported to have been a month old and villagers suspect they were responsible for killing a dog in Kaza as well as a pig and dog in a neighbouring village of Hapi.

A villager told the Solomon Star the crocodile population in the area has increased and sightings of the reptile have doubled since.

Police continue to stress the dangers of nature and urge people to take precautions as well, and be vigilant when fishing or hunting at night.

Members of the community are urged to report crocodile sightings to their nearest police station or contact National Response Department (NRD) on phone 23829.

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