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Building road humps is illegal: Varley

17 June 2019
Police Commissioner Matthew Varley.

BUILDING or putting humps along the road to slow down traffic is unlawful, says Police Commissioner Mathew Varley.

Varley clarified the issue when asked following the increase of the practice in and outside of the Honiara city boundary.

Just last week, complaints were raised by drivers and vehicle owners on a number of humps being built along the Tenaru highway by residence along the road side.

When asked if the practise is okay with the traffic law, Mr Varley said the answer is no.

“I would say the answer is no, because the roads are public roads and the responsibility for roads are within the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development (MID) and the Honiara City Council,” he said. 

He added, under the Traffic laws it is prohibited to place an obstruction on the road and this is just a same concept when people place barricades or blockade to stop traffic.

Varley said he understand some communities may see the traffic hump as a safety measures to try slow people down. 

“I understand that’s probably what they are talking about, but the point is, I would rather see communities engage with responsible authorities to discuss safety and speed’s measurements in their areas rather than taking the law into their own hands.

“That also again comes down to the responsible driver’s behaviour because we all are investigators and since we have limited number of roads in the city, we want all drivers to drive according to the law and must always drive on a safe condition,” he added.

He then urges communities who have complaints about unsafe driving in their areas to report those to local police so that actions can be made to address them.

“When communities have concerns and complaints about unsafe driving in their areas, please come and report those to local police or come to us so we can discuss as part of our crime prevention approach so we can see how we can do,” he added.

The practise is also high in some parts of the city where people erect humps using soil and ropes across the roads to slow down traffic.

Benjamin Afuga of Yumi Tok Tok Forum Facebook page uttered the practise might be seen genuine for its purpose but responsible authorise should step in and help address the issue.

“I believe authorities should address this. 

“People who think speeding vehicles is causing risks to them should work together with authorities if there is a need to tamper with public roads, but definitely I think it is wrong to do just what one thinks. 

“This is a city, not a village,” he added.