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MMF: Malaita must push for self-rule

11 July 2019
MMF President Martin Housanau.

THE Malaita Maasina Forum (MMF) is pursuing for the province to become an independent nation of its own.

Speaking to the Solomon Star yesterday at the Mendana Hotel, MMF President Martin Housanau reiterated the call for Malaita Province to breakaway and become a nation of its own.

He said Malaita has been left behind on development for far too long and what’s being seen on the ground were the remains of the colonial government.

"But when this country secede from Great Britain 40 years ago there is nothing new on Malaita, except for the roads, schools and substations built during the colonial era," he claimed.

He further stated that the North and East roads were the work of the colonial government and nothing from the national government after 41 years of independence.

"Even Auki and Malu’u sub-stations were established during the colonial government without any dispute only proves that delay to Malaita projects blamed on land issues is a fallacy," he argued.

He said Malaita Province has been struggling with poor roads, deteriorating clinics and hospital, limited number of run down schools and lack of investment in industries.

The MMF boss further revealed that some roads in the province are no longer usable and one of them is Afio-Olosuu road.

He added several clinics have also closed in Central and Southern region of Malaita and several permanent classrooms were repaired with bush materials in some parts of the province which only shows that Malaita does not need the proposed federal system but self autonomy.

"This is in order to meet the development needs of the struggling populace in the province," he added.

Mr Housanau recalled the first call dor Malaita Independence was made in the 1940s by the Ma’asina Ruru Movement Chiefs headed by Aliki Nono'ohimae that eventually led to the formation of Malaita Council in 1950s.

The second call for independence in November 2004 during Malaita Leaders Summit in Auki.

The third call in 2008 by MMF in a letter written to former premier Richard Irosaea and the fourth call for independence was again made in 2010.

And the fifth call for independence was made in 2015 by former premier Peter Ramohia following the Malaita Provincial Assembly resolution to suspend discussion on a proposed federal system and the current provincial government system.

"Maasina Forum has observed that current development progress on Malaita is uncalled for especially when the national Government always allocated limited fund in its development budget for Malaitan major projects," he stressed.

"It is evident that successive Malaitan leaders considered independence as a way forward to develop Malaita," concluded Housanau.