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In Court with Assumpta Buchanan

18 July 2019

* Medical report in Renbel murder sought
* Prosecution to advice on riot case 

Medical report in Renbel murder sought

Prosecution has been asked to provide the medical report in relation to a murder case in Renbel Province to the defence counsel.

The only outstanding document left for the police to collect is the medical report of the deceased in his murder case.

Bruno Sapa, 45, is facing the murder of the 19 year-old man on April 2, at Pauta Village.

Prosecution alleged Sapa attacked the deceased following an argument between them which resulted in his death.

Appearing in court yesterday, Principal Magistrate Fatima Taeburi further adjourned the matter to this Friday.

Prosecution is expected to have the medical report available by then.

Public Solicitor’s lawyer Stanley Aupai represents Sapa while Public Prosecutor John Wesley Zoze appeared for the Crown.


Prosecution to advice on riot case 

Prosecution will be confirming on Friday if they will be proceeding with the case of six men accused of causing disturbances in Honiara after the election of Prime Minister in April.

This was after nothing has been done with the file since it was sent back to investigators in April.

This matter came before the court yesterday and was further adjourned to this Friday.

This is for the prosecution to confirm if they will proceed on with the case or had it withdrawn.

The court heard yesterday that this file after the remand application was made in April was sent back to investigators for the collection of witnesses’ statements. 

It was heard that the prosecution had just received the file yesterday from investigators.

The prosecutor after going through the file found that there were no statements in the file and no progress made to the file.

Lawyers representing the accused have been waiting for disclosures since April.

The court on the last occasion had asked prosecution to update the court yesterday if they have enough evidence to proceed with the file.

However, having just received the file without any progress yesterday, Police Prosecutor Henry Oneone asked for an adjournment.

This is to give him time to seek his boss’s advice before returning to court with a decision.

Magistrate Ishmael Kekou granted the adjournment and extended bail for the six accused.

The six men including two juveniles aged 16 are facing charges of riot and unlawful assembly.

After the election of the prime minister on April 24, a small group of people in Honiara took to the streets to cause violence. 

The group threw rocks, looted shops including the Pacific Casino Hotel, damaged vehicles and some buildings and mounted road blocks. 

A number of Police Officers, Correctional Service officers and Civilians were injured during the various clashes in Honiara at that time.

The six accused in this matter were accused of the riot incident that occurred at Fijian Quarter area in China Town, Honiara.

The Public Solicitor’s Office is representing all accused.