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Samoa passes SP to Solomons

21 July 2019
One Team Solomon flag bearer and 10,000m Gold medalist Sharon Firisua leads the team at the closing ceremony.

Last night saw the closing ceremony of the 2019 Pacific Games. 

Attention now turns to Solomon Islands’ home tournament in four years’ time.

To begin the night, athletes and coaches once again rounded the running track, waving to all the supporters, but in a less formal manner than during the opening ceremony. 

As the next hosts of the Games, the Team Solo were last to parade around the stadium, following the contingent from Samoa.

After several speeches, a video was played from the organising committee for the 2023 games, congratulating Samoa on a wonderful event, and detailing the next steps for SI. 

The clip also revealed the slogan for the upcoming tournament: Challenge, celebrate, unite.

Once a second video of Solomon Islands’ sporting achievements had been shown, the team returned to perform a dance routine for the crowd, which was very well received.

More dancing followed, this time from the thousands of students who also appeared in the opening ceremony. 

They departed the field to allow the Games to officially closed by the extinguishing of the Olympic torch. 

The final entertainment was traditional Samoan fire dancing, before, as they had back on the 7th July, the fireworks began.

Samoa’s Pacific Games have made great strides in many areas, including high-definition television coverage and the “greening the games” initiative. 

All this was achieved in less than two years, as Tonga pulled out having originally won the bidding process. 

With a full four years to prepare, it will be interesting to see how Solomons’ 2023 Games will make their own mark.

Writing for Sunday Sports
Apia, Samoa