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Makili: SI throws Taiwan in lions’ den

24 September 2019
Lawrence Makili

THE action taken by the Solomon Islands government is like dumping Taiwan into a lion’s den says a local civil society activist Lawrence Makili. 

Makili said during the leadership of Solomon Mamaloni, he picked up Taiwan based on the spirit where Taiwan strives for soft determination.

“Based on that spirit, Mamaloni and leaders at that time took it up on behalf of the people of Solomon Islands as a country to push for Taiwan’s self-determination and to be free from China,” he said.

Makili said just like Solomon Islands, Taiwan also wants to be free and to decide on its own destiny in the principle of democracy.

“So what currently the economist and politicians are trying to say about trade, resolutions and conventions, to me is just a total lie.

“Basically, the friendship between Solomon Islands and Taiwan is to make sure that Taiwan became a free nation and a sovereign state,” he added.

Makili said it is sad that this current regime of leadership has denied the spirit of understanding just overnight for personal greed.

“The explanation of PM Sogavare about his Party’s decision to switch over is just a cover up because they were already committed to switch to China before the April election and that is a denial of the very connection and the spirit of relationship that we had with Taiwan,” he said.

He said over the past years and governments, the conventions and resolutions are already there and it’s not their roles to tell the people of Solomon Islands about those conventions and resolutions.

“Being the current administration of this country, it is their obligation at the United Nation General Assembly (UNGA) to make sure that these conventions and resolutions must be revisited,” he said.

“Don’t use the convention and resolutions to blind us because they are obligated and their duties is to make sure that at the UNGA, these things must be revisited and be looked at to see if any changes or amendment it has to be done at that level,” he said.

But Makili said as a sovereign state and as a member of the United Nation, Solomon Islands has its obligation towards a fellow community internationally like Taiwan to push for its freedom and to become its own.