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Malaita launches 2019 communique

18 October 2019
Daniel Suidani.

Malaita province has launched its 2019 communique on Thursday after the full assembly meeting this week in Auki. 

Malaita Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani launched the communique in front of a gathering crowd in front of the provincial assembly. 

The communique captured the current aspirations of Malaita Province and the wish of the people of Malaita. 

"The communique has 37 items.

"Today we are here today to witness something that is historical.

"But perhaps I should remind you of what culminated to today's public announcement.

"You might remember on the 17th of last month Malaita for Democracy group presented to me a submission that requested my government to take certain actions in regards to the National Government's decision to switch diplomatic relation from Taiwan to China," Premier Suidani said. 

“Today is 30 days exactly after that submission and as a responsible government I on behalf of the Malaita Provincial Government and the people of Malaita and Malaita Outer Islands have taken steps to inform the national government of the fundamental wishes and desire of my people. 

"In a nutshell, the desire is to ensure that the values we hold dear to our hearts must not be in anyway threatened through any diplomatic arrangements.

"I need not to remind you of the values I am making reference to here today.

"Since the switch in diplomatic relations to China I have been called to Honiara on two occasions as you would know.

"On both occasions I repeatedly informed the government and the public of Solomon Islands as I always do in the media that the process through which the government has taken to make the decision has not been transparent and could be undemocratic.

"We all know that the government has not given the people of this country a chance to be heard on this important diplomatic decision.

"Let us remind ourselves that China or the People's Republic of China is no ordinary country like many other countries of the world.

"They have a global ambition to dominate the world.

"To allow them to reach such ambitions their practices around the world is one that has been questionable.

" For instance China overwhelmingly targets destitute countries like Solomon Islands that cannot pay their debts and loans. 

"China has confiscated parts or entire seaports from countries that are unable to pay their debts.

"China forces countries to repay their loans in natural resources such as oils.

"These are the things we do not want to see happen to our place and thus the need to protect our place and its resources.

"Today as you would know after our meeting with our 5 national leaders, the Malaita Provincial Government has been properly informed of the things concern the switch and the need for the province to safe guards its interests.

"Thus Members of the Provincial Assembly and me have made a bold decision to put together what we must do in light of this switch.

"Therefore we have put together a communique of 37 items that covers the many issues we have been discussing.

"Let me explain fellow Malaitans what this communique is, this communique is paper that contains the official standing of the province on the issues that you have raised.

"It is a road map on how we could achieve development for our province.

"In this regards my government the MARA government will be reviewing its current policy document in the next 40 days to align the document with the current issues that has now confronted us as a result of this switch.

"I call upon all Malaitans of good will to come forward and assist our provincial government in light of the challenges facing the province.

"Let me remind you my fellow Malaitans that Malaita is your place, Malaita is your soul and it will stay that way forever," he said. 

By WILSON SAENI in Auki