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Wale slams Tovosia’s promises

23 October 2019

OPPOSITION leader Matthew Wale has expressed concern over recent promises Minister for Mines, Energy & Rural Electrification, Bradley Tovosia made to the leaders and people of Makira/Ulawa Province, suggesting that China will assist them in their development aspirations.

“It is irresponsible for a Government minister to be making such bold promises to our people when all the Government has in place with China are five-signed MOUs,” Wale said in a statement.

“While we are yet to see how these will translate into actual development assistance and for which parts of the country, Tovosia is already talking as if development will take place in Makira/Ulawa province any time soon,” he added.

“This is grossly naïve and misleading and no national leader should be making such statements.  

“Everyone in the country knows the difficulties we have faced in the last 40 years in trying to take development to our rural areas and so the last thing our people need is for a national leader to be suggesting that things will be different with China.”

Wale continued: “It also looks as though Tovosia is confused as to where his allegiance lies.  

“Instead of speaking on what his government’s plans and policies are on tourism for Makira/Ulawa province, he is clearly promoting China’s political propaganda.  

“Whose interest is he serving?

“This type of bold statement only goes to confirm my earlier view that the DCGA government is prepared to dance to China’s tune however Beijing wants it to dance, and cares little about our people’s feelings and what is important to them.  

“This is certainly not responsible leadership.  

“It is rather interesting to see that the Minister for Mines and Energy is out there talking about Tourism and not the minister responsible. 

“Or is it because he is one of the main drivers for the switch to China, and therefore trusted to promote China's interests, or was he in Makira for a different purpose?”

The Opposition leader reminds the Government and Tovosia to refrain from “misleading our people with promises that may or may not be delivered”.