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Honiara to be ‘Environmental Learning City’ 

23 October 2019
Judah Suimae.


THE Chairman of the Honiara Partnership Committee (HPC) Judah Suimae says Honiara will be declared an “Environmental learning City” on October 31st.

Suimae stressed that the establishment of HPC is timely to partner, collaborate and collectively address environmental issues along with Honiara City Council.

Honiara Partnership Committee is comprised of different stakeholders from both public and private sectors.

It is established under Honiara City Council and aims to develop sustainable community development in addressing environmental and social economical issues faced in Honiara City.

“We live in the same city, let's address the issues together,” Suimae stated 

“Every day we are pressed with unwanted behaviour of litter and social issues which are environmentally unhealthy and has turned the City into a lawless zone,” he added. 

“The rate of litter activity has alarm us all who live in the City to fight it with a new paradigm. 

“The declaration of Honiara as an Environmental learning City will give way for a lot of positive changes.”

However, he stressed that it will not come easily. 

“The city environment is in a critical condition compared to the past 20 years and such initiative to keep the City clean, re-educate ourselves and having a sense of ownership is a key to positive city development,” he added. 

Suimae said to lead HPC is a challenge but at the same time exciting because it's a first of it's kind in the Nation. 

He said it's a transition of mindsets, values, attitudes and patterns that can't be done in a day but God's grace will help us pull through. 

“The message is clear, let's all Partner, collaborate, cooperate and educate the whole City. There is no better time to do it but ‘now’,” he said. 

He stressed that Honiara City accommodates Solomon Islands and the way forward is to educate the citizens of the city to know that we are one people; we have a purpose and a common destiny. 

“Alot has been said about the city but let's arm ourselves to change that story and make history to rebuild the image of the Happy Isles again,” Suimae said. 

He added that a better environment that is clean, peaceful, healthy, enjoyable, and sustainable must be the picture of the future we aim for. 

“A people movement must begin with that in mind. I believe a transition of mindsets will come when we lay down our self interest for common interest. 

“I call on all to come forward. 

“No one can address the issues by themselves and let's not reinvent the wheel again of seeing individual groups doing the same thing. 

“Let's do it together. Let's create history,” Suimae said.