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Suidani reaches out to his people

16 November 2019

MALAITA Premier Daniel Suidani has reached out to more communities in his province to clear the stance taken by his government on the recent China switch and the way forward for the province.

On Thursday, he and his delegation attended to a request by the East Malaita people who wanted the premier to do a presentation on the issue.

Speaking during the awareness talk, Suidani said he is humbled and thankful for the invitation, adding dialogue with the people is what all representatives should do as mandated leaders who are voted by the people.

Premier Suidani and his political adviser Celsus Talifilu during the awareness responded to many questions raised by the people of East Malaita.

One of the questions raised during the awareness was "what will happen if the government stops service grant from the province."

Premier Suidani responded by saying, "service grant is defined by the law and not the politicians”, adding “governments come and go but the constitution remains”.

He said it will be unlawful if the government of the day stops service grant from Malaita, pointing out that Malaita is part of Solomon Islands and as define by the constitution Malaita has the right to receive service grant from the government of the day.

The premier also explained why his government did not accept the switch to China, stating Solomon Islands and Malaita province need strong safeguards before engaging with a country like China.

He also thanked the Deputy Prime Minister Manasseh Maelanga for his assurance that Malaita MPs will push behind Malaita Projects.

He said Malaita Provincial Government welcomes the assurance, adding this is how Malaita mandated leaders should work for the good of the province.

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