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Prince Charles pidjin praised

26 November 2019
Prince Charles delivers his speech to the Public during the Launching at Lawson Tama. [Photo: Bryan Luvena]

‘Crowd feel connected to Prince Charles’


HIS Royal Highness Prince Charles of Wales was praised for delivering his speech in Solomon Islands pidjin at the Lawson Tama stadium before he left the country, Monday.

Local crowd braving the heat yesterday could not hold back their heart when they heard the Prince of Wales addressed them in their very own pidjin.

It was not the people attending the launching ceremony who heard him made his speech but the whole country heard it on their radio which was broadcasted.

His Royal Highness Prince Charles was delivering his speech to launch the Solomon Islands' national ocean policy and malaria elimination roadmap. 

The national ocean policy provides the framework that will guide the integrated governance over 1.9 million square kilometres ocean.

While the national malaria elimination roadmap provides the plan to eliminate malaria in Solomon Islands by 2033.

But the talk of the day was His Royal Highness remarks which he addressed the crown and the nation as a whole in pidjin

It was a heart warming event for most of the people who brave the sun to see and listen to this great but simple man.

Joe Mana who was part of the crown told the Solomon Star that indeed he feel so connected to Prince Charles when he spoke in pidjin when delivering his speech.

“I think Prince Charles is a very humble and down to earth man who wants to really connect to us Solomon Islanders.

“As a local person who cannot understand English very well I want to thank His Royal Highness Prince Charles for making his remarks in pidjin which I understand everything he talked about,” he expressed.

Some local women who are familiar for selling betel nut on the street also attended the ceremony and said they were really happy about the way Prince Charles addressed the crown.

They said his message is very clear and what he said about keeping the environment is very clear and they could understand and relate to it.

It was understood that Prince Charles is a strong advocator of climate change and environment which he also touched in his remark yesterday.

Meanwhile Dailymail website also reported that Prince Charles is now the 'nation's favourite royal' and has finally won the 'respect of the masses.’

Prince Charles left the country yesterday and will surely remember by the people who had witnessed his 3 days tour in Honiara.