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Prince Charles launches Ocean Policy 

26 November 2019
Prince Charles takes a photo with Pele Dancers of Temotu province at Lawson Tama. [Photo: Carlos Aruafu]

HIS Royal Highness, Prince Charles has launched the Solomon Islands Ocean Policy and Malaria Elimination Roadmap, Monday.

Speaking at the launching ceremony at the Lawson Tama stadium, the Prince said the natural environment of the country is important for its prosperity and security.

He said it is sad to see the environment of the country just like many other countries in the world that are threatened by climate change, global warming, pollution, unsustainable logging, and over fishing. 

“If you keep your natural heritage, your children and your grandchildren will also benefit from them,” he said.

He added that something urgent needs to be done.

The Prince said and for that reason, he was pleased to be part of the launching program to witness the important government new ocean policy.

“I hope the policy will secure the marine ecosystem that surrounds these islands and to bring wealth, health and wellbeing for the future generation,” he said.

He said despite a very short visit, he will bring back all the special memories he had in the Solomon Islands including all that has made it special especially the precious natural environment.

The launching is part of His Royal Highness’s three-day programme, which was also focusing on climate change and ocean governance.

Director of Government Communication, George Herming in his brief introduction said the National Ocean Policy provides a framework that will guide the integrated governance over 1.9 million square kilometre ocean.

“The policy carried the vision of the Government and people of Solomon Islands for a healthy, resilient, secure and productive ocean that supports sustainable use and development for the benefit of the people and children of Solomon Islands now into the future,” he said.

“This is a policy path that we have chosen to join the Malaysia Ocean recognising its values and opportunities, embraces many uses and to proactively address our ocean threats,” Mr Herming added.

Herming said but more significantly, through the policy, Solomon Islands is joining the global community towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

He said the Cabinet has endorsed the policy in November 2018 and yesterdays’ launching marks the beginning of the journey to roll out the policy.