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Push for Self rule

29 November 2019
Daniel Suidani.

Malaita Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani assures Malaita public that MARA government is willing to push behind the idea of self-determination for Malaita province.

Premier Suidani made the announcement on Thursday in a public forum held at the Auki central market after Malaita provincial executive received a submission from Malaita for Democracy (M4D) on Wednesday urging MARA government to push for self-determination for Malaita. 

The premier told the public gathering that as a responsible representative government that sees the interest of its people as paramount concern it will push behind the wishes of its people.

He said actually the idea for self-determination begins some years back and so this is not a new idea or movement.

He said past Malaitans suffered and died for the idea of self-determination for Malaita.

“The suggestion put forward by M4D is a continuous fight by the people of Malaita for ages for what they believe is right for Malaita people,” he said.

He said Malaitans played a major role which sees Solomon Islands gained its political independence in 1978, but since then things were not falling on the right track for Malaita which is the most populated province under Solomon Islands.  

Premier Suidani told the public that to become independent, a group of people only need to satisfy four requirements which the province already satisfy the requirements. 

"You must have a government system which in the case of Malaita we have the MARA government.

"You must have a boundary, which in the case of Malaita we have  boundary.

"You must have population which in the case of Malaita our population is bigger than most our pacific neighboring countries. 

"And finally, you must have international recognition, which is not a problem for Malaita province,” he said.

Premier Suidani said Malaita have met all the criterias to become an independent nation and said only time will tell when Malaita will decide its own destiny.

To achieve this, he said Malaita from all works of life should hold hands together and work towards a common goal which is to achieve development in Malaita to lay foundation towards self-governing. 

In the meantime, Premier Suidani and his executive thanked M4D for the submission.

He said his government is persuading the idea forward. 

Speaking during the public forum yesterday, M4D Chairman Knoxely Atu told the premier and his executive that M4D has given them uncooked food.

“It is the responsibility of the premier and MARA government to prepare the food, have it cooked and share it equally to mothers, fathers, youths, and children of Malaita.

The M4D chairman said development is what Malaita needs because after 40 years under Solomon Islands Malaita did not see any real development due to political games which prevents major project from happening in Malaita. 

“After 40 years of wondering, the writing on the wall is clear that self-determination is the only way forward for Malaita to achieve its development its goals which will bring all Malaitan labours back to their origin to serve and build Malaita,” he said. 

He said lack of development in Malaita is the reason why Malaitans are scattered around in the world today looking for opportunities to earn money to support their daily life. 

“It is time to change things around for the betterment of Malaitans,” he said. 

the process by which a country determines its own statehood and forms its own government.

In Auki