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MP dismisses police chief’s comments

08 December 2019
North Malaita MP Senley Levi Filualea showing one of his damaged vehicles

‘Attack driven by politics’


North Malaita MP Senley Levi Filualea has insisted last weekend’s attack on his home and properties was politically motivated.

Filualea was responding to Acting Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau’s comments that the attack has nothing to do with politics.

“No the attack was politically-motivated,” Filualea told the Sunday Star yesterday.

“And I urged the police to dig deeper into their investigation in order for them to establish he motive behind the attack,” he added.

A group of men arrived at the home of the first-time MP last Saturday morning and caused damages to his vehicles and home.

Filualea earlier told the Sunday Star he knew the boys who came, two of them are sons of the former North Malaita MP Jimmy Lusibaea, who lost in the April elections this year.

He said this was a very serious case and urged the police to ensure those responsible are dealt with according to the law.

Police have already arrested and detained seven men in relation to the attack.

Filualea said his family was badly traumatised by the attack.

The men caused damages worth up to $300,000 to Filualea’s vehicles and other properties.

Prior to winning this year’s election, Filualea is a successful entrepreneur.

Filualea said the acting police commissioner should not be making quick conclusions in regards to the motive behind the attack.

“If the police could dig a bit further, they will come to realise that the attack was politically motivated.

“If the acting commissioner wants more information, he can call me.

“Some of those involved also have outstanding cases with police and one of them was armed with firearm during an incident at Taba’a in North Malaita against a group of Dalgro workers. 

“With all these, it becomes suspicious to me that something is not right with those responsible within the Police Force, especially as those people are still free to walk around,” he said.

After the attack, Filualea have to act quickly to stop his boys and other family members from retaliating.

He said he did that because he has trust in the police force to deal with this case in an appropriate manner.