Gov’t fails climate change vulnerable communities again. Wale - Solomon Star News

Gov’t fails climate change vulnerable communities again. Wale

09 December 2019
Matthew Wale.

OPPOSITION Leader Matthew Wale says the 2020 Budget has given him so much pain and heartache when it comes to portion of funds allocated to climate change.

Wales aid after many years of advocating in parliament for serious investment by the government in climate change funding, especially relocation of vulnerable communities, there is only a token allocation of 381k in 2020. 

“It must now be abundantly clear to the government that we cannot expect donors to fund relocation of communities, this is a matter we must do ourselves,” he said. 

He said it is better to prepare in advance rather than waiting for the disaster to strike.  

“We must not wait till disaster strikes before offering knee jerk reactions and crocodile tears,” he said. 

Wale said the government must be proactive and exercise resolve to support the most vulnerable of our communities. 

“Postponing this problem will not fix it,” he said. 

He said Fiji has demonstrated leadership in establishing its own climate fund. Perhaps the government could learn from that and adapt it to our context. 

“But there is no time to lose. This is a most urgent and desperate matter. 

“Our statements on climate change in international fora are not matched by resolve at home. This concerns me greatly. There is definitely a business as usual here regrettably,” he added.