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No China funds for 5 constituencies

10 December 2019
Sam Iduri.

FIVE constituencies in Malaita province won’t be able to receive a component of Rural Constituency Development Fund (RCDF) paid out by China.

The Member of Parliament (MP) for West Kwara’ae, Sam Shemuel Iduri revealed this in a statement issued by the Opposition Office last night.

Speaking on behalf of his colleague Opposition MPs for Aoke Langalanga, East Are’are, Small Malaita and West Are’are, Mr Iduri said the five MPs wish to inform all their leaders and people that Government Caucus on Tuesday 3rd December, 2019 made a decision to deny these constituencies from receiving the funding component secured from China to replace Taiwan’s Rural Constituency Development Fund assistance to all 50 constituencies.

Mr Iduri said unlike their other 45 colleague MPs, the five MPs will not have any funds at their disposal any time soon, to meet any new or ongoing projects or other commitments in their respective constituencies.  

“Therefore, it will be futile for any person or organisation from these respective constituencies to approach them (MPs) for funding assistance,” he said.

Mr Iduri clarified; “the decision taken by the Government Caucus was based on the fact that these MPs supported the decision taken by the Malaita Provincial Executive against the Government’s decision to switch diplomatic ties from Taiwan to China.” 

Mr Iduri in his statement, thanked their respective leaders and peoples for their understanding and corporation and promises to update them should the situation change.