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Anti-corruption day marked in Auki

10 December 2019

Malaita provincial capital of Auki came alive on Monday morning with the commemoration of the 2019 international anti-corruption day.

The day was marked worldwide under the theme ‘Corruption: An impediment to sustainable development goals.’

In Solomon Islands, the event was marked under the theme ‘United against Corruption.’

Its the first time the event was celebrated in the province. It began with a parade from the Malaita provincial office to Auki central market where official program was staged.

Attending the event were representatives from the national government, Civil Society Organizations, Malaita provincial government officials, representatives from the Central Bank of Solomon Islands, women and youths.

Also attending the day’s celebration in Auki were distinguished representatives from the following Integrity Institutions: The Ombudsman's Office, Leadership Code Commission, Public Solicitor Office, Office of the Auditor General and the Director of the Prosecution and staff.

The presence of the Integrity Institutions and Transparency Solomon Islands (TSI) at the celebrations in Auki allowed them to explain to the public their required duties under the law and how they carry out their respective duties to ensure element of corruption is lessen in the country by getting those who involved held accountable for their action.

An active advocating group by the name of BGV advocator put on a drama highlighting how corruption through nepotism and favoritism influences job selection process Solomon Islands.

The message put forward by the BGV advocator is that corruption through nepotism and favoritism will not get the best candidate with the required qualification and experience to perform the job effectively, rather it will get a wrong person to perform the required job.

Malaita Deputy Premier who is also the Premier Acting Randal Sifoni delivered the keynote address.

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