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Efforts to raise funds for Aussie bush fires

12 January 2020
A firefighting helicopter tackling a bushfire in Victoria's East Gippsland region. [Photo: AAP - State Government of Victoria]

THE Cabinet has approved the establishment of a committee to raise funds for the Australian bush-fires.

The Committee is headed by Dr Derek Mane, Deputy Secretary to the Prime Minister.

An initial meeting for this fundraising initiative was held Tuesday this week with few representatives from HCC and Civil Society organisations.

It was agreed during that meeting that the way forward is for a collaborative effort to help our friend Australia currently devastated by the bush-fires.

Reports confirmed that the bush-fires started in September last year, and at the current rate it is predicted to continue for few more months. 

Commenting about the fundraising activities, Mane said they have agreed on two major Corporate Dinners, the first on January 16th and another towards the end of the month.

"The fundraising activities will be launched on the 16th together with the corporate dinner and fundraising events will run until March 7th, a total of 2 months", Dr. Derek said.

He encouraged other stakeholders to do their own fundraising in between these dates and channel their donations through the committee account that will be set up.

"The Finance department of the PMO is working on opening a bank account for this purpose", he explained.

Honiara Bands Association (HBA) already confirmed its support. HBA will be staging two live music concerts as part of this fundraising effort.

"We will confirm the dates and inform the committee so that dates are fixed", HBA Chairman Benjamin Afuga said today.

Red Cross Solomon Islands also confirmed its participation in this joint fundraising effort.

"As usual we will mobilize our volunteers to collect donations from our network and the public.

"We will seek HCC's endorsement then we will announce the dates", Clement Manuri General Secretary of Red Cross Solomon Islands confirms his group's support today.

As part of this nationwide fundraising effort, the committee will write to all provincial Governments, SOEs, churches and private companies for their support.

"Australia is our friend so we must reciprocate this strong friendship through these fundraising efforts.

"It is our hearts that counts not how much we will raise," Mane said.

The Ministry of Environment is the first Government Ministry and organization to announce its $800,000.00 pledge towards the bush-fires.

At the provincial level, the Temotu Provincial Government has kicked started a fundraising drive in its capital town Lata today. 

The PCYC social club is organizing a fundraising drive for the same cause on 18th of this month.

The entire citizens of this country are kindly to come out and give toward these fundraising efforts. Big or small that does not matter.

Let's give from our hearts because it is the size of our hearts that matters, not the size of what we give and raise.

For further information, please contact Mane Deputy Secretary to the PM.