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Fugui: More scholarship on offer for 2020 

13 January 2020
Moffat Fugui.

MINISTER of Education Moffat Fugui has announced that the number of scholarships for this year will be increased.

This comes after a late decision to increase the number of scholarships by members of parliament.

This means from only 2 scholarships, the number will be increased to 6 for each of the 50 Members of Parliament.

Therefore, from just 100 scholarships for the MPs’, the recent increase will bring the total number to 300.

Besides, the Minister also told Parliament during the sine die motion last month that the government has attracted number of scholarships from Peoples Republic of China (PRC), Russia and donors like Morocco, India and Indonesia.

Fugui said following the normalisation of relationship with Peoples Republic of China (PRC), the ministry has received 103 internship scholarships.

He said Russia has also indicated over 20 scholarships.

Further to that, the minister said there are 10 scholarships from the government of Morocco and scholarships provisions from the government of India.

He said there were scholarship offers from Government of Malaysia and their closest neighbour Indonesia.

From the three billion, eight hundred and seventeen million, one hundred and fifty- five thousand, seven hundred and two dollars ($3,817,155,702) national budget passed.

The Ministry of Education got the biggest share of $1.2 billion in the recurrent budget, $77.3 million in budget support and $28.5 million in the development budget.

This will derive from the $3.8 billion budget Parliament passed last month.