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NZ community assists Malu’u clinic’s repair 

24 January 2020

MALU’U Area Health Centre in North Malaita is currently undergoing refurbishment work specifically with repainting of the entire building facilities.

This refurbishment work was supported by the Marlborough community in New Zealand through a Malu’u man David Alifeo, who is married to Bridgette Knox of New Zealand.

The couple came two years ago and saw the need to clean up the building. 

Mr. Alifeo said that when he and his wife saw the only Area Health Centre in the region having had much dirt, they felt that they have to do something about it. 

“Before we can be healthy to do other things in life  we need to clean up the place where we normally run to in times of sickness,” Alifeo said.

With a strong determination in mind, he and Bridgette went back to New Zealand and talked to their community about the proposed support.

Their community known as Marlborough in New Zealand  responded in suggesting to establish a kind of charitable organization where they can donate items into aiming at supporting others in need.

Alifeo said the Marlborough community responded very well with the donations and would also like to receive feedback about how well the recipient community responded in receiving the support.

The Malu’u man also stated that the Marlborough community have assured them that should there be a positive response seen with the Malu’u community when receiving the support, they are willing to offer other support in the future.

With the community response and participation, Alifeo said it was amazing to see the Malu’u community contribution and participation in the renovation initiative. He said during some days the turn up was overwhelming and outweighs the work.

Other Malu’u community members who have generously participated in the work, spoke up encouragingly to Mr. Alifeo saying that such a working together initiative for no remuneration was something that have been traditionally injected into their blood. They’re willing to take on this initiative they added.

Mr. Alifeo also calls on all communities to come and work together as a group and have their groupings registered to access further charitable supports in the future.

He finally urges all community members to take good care and have a feel of ownership of the health facilities and even other surrounding public facilities as well.

According to Ms Knox  any person from overseas who is married to someone in this country should play their part. 

“If you have your eyes and heart then you should help,” she added.

She further stated that this is not about religion. 

“I see no religious perspective that should divide us from helping. I want all people to come together to help for a common goal.”

She said the community participation here is so fantastic and hard working.

Bridgette Knox finally highlighted the women of this country. 

“They are really the rocks of this nation. They are awesome ladies. They are great mothers.”

She thanked the ladies for their hard work.

Community Health Nurse Consultant (CHNC) of Malu’u Area Health Centre Mr. Lawrence Irobaea said  he was so happy to see people who have the heart to come up willingly with such a supportive initiative.

He said  this initiative clearly shows a self-reliance type of approach. 

“The community does not wait for what the government will do but rather offer what they can,” he added.

Meanwhile, he acknowledged David Alifeo and wife and also their Marlborough community back in New Zealand for the great job done.