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All ministers must perform: Suidani

04 February 2020
Premier Suidani.

THE sacking of four ministers from the Malaita Alliance for Rural Advancement (MARA) government is a warning for serving ministers to perform. 

Premier Daniel Suidani uttered this in an exclusive interview with Solomon Star Auki, Monday.

He said ministers have a duty to perform their responsibilities accordingly.

Premier Suidani who sacked four ministers from his MARA government on January 24 said serving ministers should see this as a warning.

“The MARA government is serious about the performance of its ministers under my leadership.

“Malaita public expects ministers to perform their tasks and the ministerial portfolios come with full responsibility,” he stated.

The premier also signaled out that ministers who failed to perform their duties will follow the same trail.

“Malaita province has a high expectation from its ministers.

“The MARA government is keen to move the province forward in its term in office.

“Therefore, the sacking of ministers will not happen if they perform their responsibilities accordingly,” Suidani added.

With that, the premier said his government is intact after the swearing in of four new ministers yesterday. 

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