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MP supports Beulah with OBM

05 February 2020
President of Ex-Beulah Association Lyne Fa'arodo handing over the 40 hp to the school Principal Mr. Owen Bulehite, witnessed by John Taupa (Right) and Beulah staff member Vaka Vevo.

Beulah Provincial Secondary School (BPSS) in New Georgia Island, Western Province has taken delivery of a new outboard motor (OBM) thanks to the member of Parliament for South New Georgia Rendova Tetepare (SNRT) Constituency Danny Philip.

Mr Philip recently donated a 40 hp Suzuki OBM to the school.

It was delivered to the school through the Ex-Beulah Association early this week.

Ex-Beulah Association was formed by ex-Beulah students and it was designed to raise funds to support the school improve its infrastructures.

Speaking to this paper about the delivery school principal Owen Kelly Bulehite said the OBM was delivered to Ex-Beulah Association and later handed to the school.

Upon receiving the engine Bulehite thanked Mr Philip for donating it to the school.

“Hon. Danny Philip, you’ve proven and have the heart for the future. 

“The students will have an improved transport service while attending Beulah PSS.

“Thank you for the 40hp engine that was delivered to the school through the Ex-Beulah Student Association,” he said. 

The OBM will be used by the school to transport students, staff and other logistics for the school.

This paper understood during the Ex-Beulah Association’s fundraising at the Telekom Recreational field, the Constituency Development Officer (CDO) of SNRT Constituency John Utukana on behalf of Mr Philip announced a 40hp engine that will be bought for the school.

Mr Philip has proven his words to the school by purchasing and delivering the engine which will improve the transport service for students and teachers.

Mr Philip is also the Ex-Beulah Association patron.

Meanwhile, more OBMs were delivered to people in the constituency including the Beulah PSS engine.