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All 5-yo urged to join PPY

09 February 2020
PS Franco Rodie.

THE Ministry of Education and Human resource Development (MEHRD) has called on all parents to enrol their 5 years old into Pre-Primary Year (PPY) to get better education for them.

Permanent Secretary Franco Rodie made the call during the launching of the MEHRD PPY program today in Honiara.

“Dear parents enrol your 5-year-old into pre-primary year now – it’s as simple as that,” he said.

He added not only that, once they are enrolled, they must also help to support them as they go through the programme.

Rodie said since every child is a future of the country all leaders both national and provincial down to the community leaders and family members must work together to ensure all the children are attending to the PPY program.

“I would like to encourage our leaders at both national and provincial levels; Education Authorities-service providers; Parents and Guardians; Teachers, caregivers; Communities - churches, community leaders, youths; NGOs, students here – who are brothers and sisters and cousins and aunties and uncles and friends to these young ones - to provide support to our children and their families to get this equal access to pre-primary schooling,” he added.

He said this is one of the most important investments every individual can make for the future of our country.

“It is one of the most effective ways to invest in human resource development for the future,” he said. 

He then acknowledged the support from UNICEF for their continuous support to the early childhood education sub-sector and supporting our youngest learners in Solomon Islands. 

“I also would like to thank the various stakeholders and education authorities for supporting this initiative. We look to our Education Authorities to ensure that all schools are able to effectively implement this new programme.

“With support from family, teachers, principals, and community, our littlest ones will be well prepared for primary school, and they will grow into successful lifelong learners,” he added.