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Rainy weather affects newly Auki upgraded road

10 February 2020
Solomon Power Powerhouse road in Auki deteriorated again following the heavy downpour over the weekend in Malaita. [Photo: Wilson Saeni]

The newly upgraded road near the Solomon Power powerhouse in Auki, Malaita province deteriorates again following heavy rain experienced in Auki Township over the weekend. 

The road leading up to Dukwasi community was in great condition after a major road upgrade last week which excites cab drivers who used the road frequently to do their business runs. 

A cab driver spoken to says after the latest road upgrade the road was in perfect condition which is safe for cabs to use. 

The cab driver said before the road upgrade the condition of the road was poor and dangerous where he said only higher cabs can use the road.

He said after the road upgrade, even low cabs are seen using the road for the first time in the past four years. 

Following the heavy downpour felt in Auki over the weekend, the newly upgraded road deteriorates again as rushing water from the heavy downpour dig new unplanned drains along the road.  

Its believed poor drainage system along the newly upgraded road is the reason the road cannot stand the rainy weather. 

A local road worker spoken to said to have good roads that can stand flood, first proper drainage system must be put in place to protect the road. 

He said proper drainage system is important because it allows water to flow swiftly along the drain rather than allowing water to flow onto the road which will surely create damage. 

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