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Band aid concert cancelled

11 February 2020
Bugao 140 band performing during the last concert for the bushfire victims of Australia.

THE Government special fundraising committee set up to raise funds for the Australian bushfire has announced the cancellation of the second Band Aid concert planned for this Sunday 16th February.

The committee has agreed to stage two Band Aid concerts as part of the fundraising efforts. It was for this reason that Honiara Bands Association (HBA) partnered with the Government through this committee.

Speaking on behalf of HBA, Chairman Benjamin Afuga said it was regrettable but the reasons for the cancellation are genuine and understandable.

During the first concert at Town ground, it was a loss.

“Firstly what was spent to host the concert is more than what the concert raised. That was a very big concern for the committee because we are mandated to raise enough funds for the cause.

“Secondly because of the loss, the committee tried to seek sponsorship for the second concert but that did not work out. Our potential sponsors did not respond, so we don’t want to put ourselves in another loss situation.

“Thirdly the current bad weather is worrying thus might create another poor turnout and that poses a probable risk of creating another loss.

“Fourthly the current stories about the coronavirus have made a lot of people to take personal precautions such as restricting themselves from going to places where there is a big crowd.

“The last reason is that SIFF and the S league Board haven’t informed the committee of their decision about the committee’s request to use Lawson Tama stadium for the second Band Aid concert.

“Given these reasons, the committee has enormously agreed in its meeting today that the concert be cancelled.

”We would also like to apologize to the bands and artists confirmed to participate in the cancelled concert. We know you have put on a lot of effort to prepare for this concert, therefore we sincerely apologize and seek your understanding”, Afuga explained.

Co-Chairman of the Government Fundraising committee and Deputy Secretary to the PM Dr. Derek Mane thanked HBA for their partnership. He said the cancellation was regrettable but given the reasons it has to be taken to avoid making another loss.

“We thank the HBA Committee and bands for their participation and contributions and look forward for another partnership in the near future”, Dr. Derek Mane said.

Afuga told the meeting many bands have prepared for this second concert but believe will understand the reasons for the cancellation.

“I encourage bands to continue to prepare for the HBA upcoming calendar of events.

“HBA has plans for more concerts and a music festival this year. So continue to keep yourselves engaged for these upcoming events”, he said.

The committee’s next upcoming events will be a city clean up, another Red Cross wheelbarrow drive for free donations and two more corporate dinners.

Meanwhile the main fundraising committee will make a separate report in the mainstream media on the fund raised so far including the Band Aid concert held on 23rd January at Town ground.