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A big leap for Malaita Province from $56 to $14 Million in 7 months 

21 February 2020
Daniel Suidani.

Malaita Provincial Government under the leadership of Premier Daniel Suidani is serious about setting things in order for the province and moving the province forward.

Two areas the current Malaita Alliance for Rural Advancement (MARA) government is keen on strengthening are the financial management and improvement in its revenue collection.

 Seven months ago, when MARA government under the leadership of Premier Suidani took over the leadership roles from the previous Peter Ramohia MART government the province only has $56 dollars in its account.  

One month left before the 2019 financial year ends, the provincial government announced that it now has SBD14 million in its account.

The announcement was widely welcomed by the Malaita public and those who keen to see proper administration for the province, which lacks proper and honest management for the past years.

Following the big financial leap, the public quick to thanked the three frontmen; Premier Suidani, PS Fa'abasua, and head of PARU office Mr.Talifilu for their fine leadership shown over the past seven months in office. 

One question raised after the announcement was made was where did the Provincial Government get such money over the past seven months?

Accordingly, the money was received from the national government through the service grant. 

The money was made available to all provinces from the national government while a portion of the SBD14 million was from the local revenue collection. 

According to Premier Daniel Suidani, the MPG has tightened its collections and spending which resulted in this big turn around. 

Premier Suidani said the provincial government has been managing its resources carefully which resulted in this big turn around. 

He revealed to this paper that poor management allows linkages, which lead to poor public administration, which cripple the province to its knees.

He said his government is keen to change things around from the betterment of Malaita by improving its management and financial capacity.

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