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‘No CBSI staff joined One Link’

22 February 2020
Solomon Islands Financial Intelligence Unit Director, Mr. Jimmy Sendersley. [Photo: Ian Kaukui]

THE Director of the Solomon Islands Financial Intelligence Unit (SIFIU) within the central Bank of Solomon Islands, Mr. Jimmy Sendersley has denied any involvement of any of CBSI members to have joined the One Link Pacifica Pyramid scheme.   

Mr Sendersley made the statement in response to a question asked at a recent press conference on One Link Pacifika.

“Those rumours are just tactics used by such schemes to lure more people to join but no body from CBSI is part of the scheme,” he said.

He said CBSI has its own policy and the Governor has reminded everybody not to be part of this scheme and everybody adheres to that reminder.

Meanwhile, One Link Pacifica Manger Investment and Policing Isom Dorah said CBSI should come out clean given some of its top officials are also members of the scheme.

“I can confirm that we also have some of the CBSI officials including those form other financial institutions who are also become active members of the scheme and they want not to mention their names,” he said.

SIFIU Policy, Development, Coordination, Supervisor & Compliance Manager, Jimmy Vaja said such circulated rumours are just used as baits where they will people from Financial positions and even prominent business people as a delaying tactic to convince members.

“So to say that some CBSI members are joining the scheme is not true but just a fabricated rumour,” he said.