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One Link hits back

23 February 2020

‘We’re legally registered’


One Link Pacifica is a legal entity registered at the Company Haus and is mandated to do its business as intended to, says the organisation’s Investment Policy Manager Aisom Dora.

In an exclusive interview with this paper last Friday, Mr Dora said what the Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) is saying is not true.

Dora said the business has just started after they have registered with the Company Haus and they are free to conduct their business.

“CBSI would say it’s illegal based on its constitutions but we do not operate as banks do and we did not get licenses from CBSI either so that CBSI can talk about us,” he said.

He added that they did not even need CBSI’s money because they did not owe them any money.

“CBSI has made a big mistake because it should have consulted us before making the statements against us,” he said.

The Investment Policy Manager said what CBSI stated with regards to One Link showing signs of collapsing were not true either.

“This is not true because we still continue to do payouts and receive deposits.

“Where are the proofs to show that we are collapsing,” he questioned the CBSI.

He said the aim of the scheme is to get every Solomon Islanders become billionaires in whatever they do.

“The CBSI thing and the way the banks are operating is only killing us because when we loan and failed to repay, that’s when they ripped us off and we become poorer,” he insists.

He said they have a well-established office at China Town and their operations are running smoothly with more new members joining each day.

This paper also enquired about a circulated document on Social Media of the Company’s registration with the Company Haus.

In response, Mr Dora said the bearer of the document is One Link’s Director Charles Dora.

“Charles is the director. We are a well-established company and I am a manager myself,” he explained.

When asked whether certain CBSI staff were part of the scheme, Mr Dora replied with a yes.

“I can confirm that we also have some of the CBSI officials including those from other financial institutions or commercial banks. 

“These people have also become active members of the scheme but opted to remain anonymous.

“We have hard evidence to prove this,” Mr Dora said.

Meanwhile, the Solomon Star understands that during a Press Conference last Thursday, the Director of the Solomon Islands Financial Intelligence Unit (SIFIU) within CBSI, Jimmy Sendersley has denied any involvement of any CBSI members joining the scheme.   

“Those rumours are just tactics used by such schemes to lure more people to join but no body from CBSI is part of the scheme,” he insists.

He said CBSI has its own policy and the Governor has reminded everybody not to be part of this scheme and everybody adheres to that reminder.