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Wale: Our Politics becomes unstable

24 February 2020
Group photo of the new executive. Absent are re-elected Vice President Gabriel Suri, and newly elected ordinary member Ruby Lee.

The Solomon Islands Democratic Party (SIDP)’s Wing Leader Mathew Wale says Solomon Islands Politics has become very unstable even more so than in previous years.

Wale made the statement during the Party’s National Congress held yesterday in Honiara.

 He said members of Parliament (MPs) act on self-interest and not their constituency interests, provincial or national interests either but for self-interests.  

“The tyranny of numbers in parliament imposes an irrationality on the self- interests of the members of Parliament for whom the desire to be in government overwhelms and leadership, governance or policy considerations,” he said.

He said there is a great need for legislative reform to address these fundamental weaknesses in the political systems.

“National interests for a greater public good are afterthoughts in these calculations which cannot be good for our beloved Solomon Islands.

Wale said this current situation also points to the need for the party to review its approaches to ensure appropriate funding of elections, retention of elected MPs and the ability to form alliances and coalitions.

“We will not resolve any of these issues today. However, we must reflect on them and seek ways to prepare ourselves forward,” he added.

“As a party that seeks to advance common sense, reasonable and realistic policies, and responsible ethical leadership, it is important that we do not become discouraged because if our short term deficiencies. We owe it to the country to keep fighting the good fight,” he added.