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Officials summoned, face court 

25 February 2020
The deputy premier speaking to the crowd near the KHY Seafront.

Western Province Premier David Gina and his Deputy Christian Mesepitu were summoned by the Police for questioning on Monday in relation to the KHY acquisition issue in Gizo, Western Province.

Early on Monday morning the Deputy Premier woke up to find the Police at his doorstep and was led down to the Police station for questioning.

Christian Mesepitu met Premier David Gina at the Western Provincial administration building in Gizo downtown before they were both led away to the police station.

It was reported that the Western Premier was told at the time that he had been summoned to attend a very important meeting at the Gizo Police station area located next to the provincial office. 

Police confirmed they were acting on orders from the Deputy Sheriff of the High Court for their alleged involvement in trying to obstruct the demolition operation at KHY. 

The Deputy Sheriff of the High Court told Premier Gina and his deputy that they were summoned on claims of obstructing operations at KHY.

Gina and Mesepitu were released together with Philip Talasasa around mid-day on Monday, causing a very tense situation amongst the public in Gizo.

Around 1pm on Monday afternoon the Deputy Premier held a brief meeting with members of the public at a Buni tree compound near KHY and told hundreds of people that the case concerning KHY and numerous arrests including him and the Premier is now with the High Court.

The case is set to begin proceeding this morning in Honiara.

Mesepitu appealed to the public for calm since matters are now in Courts and justice has to be carried out.