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PM grilled over Djokovic’s saga

25 February 2020
Robson Djokovic.

THE Malaita Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani has questioned why Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare was tight-lip about the case of his nephew Robson Djokovic a foreigner who is the Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister Office (PMO). 

Premier Suidani told Solomon Star in an exclusive interview over the weekend that the PM should explain to the country why he hired the Australian to be his Chief of Staff. 

The Premier said there is sufficient evidence that Mr Djokovic is a foreigner which means Solomon Islands is the only country in the world to have a foreigner holding on to such high office as the Chief of Staff, a position close to the PM. 

According to information obtained, the PM's favorite nephew has declared himself as a Solomon Islander during the registration of Clandestine Entertainment Limited, a company where he was a director, including Wilson Rano and the current Attorney General John Muria Junior. 

He said Mr Djokovic who declared himself as a Solomon Islander has committed an offence, as he is an Australian citizen. 

Suidani stated that the Dual citizenship Act has not come into effect in the country, which means there is no chance he is also a Solomon Islander and it is an offence to make false declaration when registering a company. 

"Solomon Islanders need to know the interfering that is going on and take a strong stand against such daylight disrespect of the laws of the country," the Premier said.

"The Australian citizen has been working in the country since 2015 when he first became a political advisor under what is called, Exemption Permit." 

The Chief of Staff is also the president of Our Party, which is the current largest political party in the country leading the current DCGA government. 

"According to the Political Parties Integrity Act, Section 41 states clearly that non-citizens are prohibited from being a member of a political party,” he added. 

It is further stated that the Chief of Staff also broke the Electoral Act and the Constitution as he registered himself on the electoral roll, which is a breach of Section 7 of the Electoral Act and Section 55 of the Constitution.

 The outspoken Malaita Premier said citizens of the country want to know what the Sogavare regime has been doing about this now that it is clear that Mr. Djokovic is truly a foreigner with an Australian passport.

PM Sogavare has been in silent mode about Mr. Djokovic case after it was exposed that his Chief of Staff is an Australian citizen. 

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