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New Gwounatolo clinic near completion

25 February 2020
The new Gwounatolo clinic. [Photo: Rose Liata]

THE new Gwounatolo clinic building project is approaching completion, thanks to the former MPA for Ward 13 Rose Liata for applying for the much-needed project. 

It was understood that the Gwounatolo clinic building project is the first-ever project under Provincial Capacity Development Fund (PCDF) funding to reach Ward 13 in Baegu/Asifola.

This was after the PCDF was introduced a decade ago. 

Liata is a former Ward 13 female MPA applied for the new building to house Gwounatolo clinic.

Prior to the new construction, the old clinic was operating in a rundown building for the past 20 years.

The project was approved by the previous MART government led by former Premier Peter Ramohia.

The new clinic building is now in its final stages and will soon open to serve the people of Baegu/Asifola. 

Gwounatolo clinic is one of the two clinics serving the people of Baegu/Asifola over the years.

The Baegu/Asifola people thanked the former MPA for seeing it fit to apply for the new clinic building after responsible authorities turned a blind eye on the clinic for many years.  

Meanwhile, the former MPA said all she wanted is for women, children, youths, and men of Ward 13 and Baegu/Asifola as a whole to have access to better health service back in the rural area.