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Suidani responds to no-confidence motion rumours

27 February 2020
Daniel Suidani.

The Malaita Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani has responded to rumors that a group of Members to the Provincial Assembly (MPAs) consisting of MPAs who were recently sacked from the executive are working in secret to oust him in a motion of no confidence.

Rumors had it that the reason to oust Premier Suidani is that the sacked MPAs have no trust and confidence in the current premier's leadership.

Speaking to the Solomon Star Auki in an exclusive interview yesterday the premier said those MPAs should come to work rather than trying to work against the province and the will of the people of Malaita. 

He said only those MPAs who often absent from important provincial meetings have no trust in his leadership because they have other intentions and motives. 

He said so far Malaita province has been experiencing positive progress and financial stability, adding these are signs and flowers of good governance and positive leadership. 

Suidani questioned whose interest are those MPAs working in secret to oust him in a motion of no confidence represent?  

He said if the interest of the MPA who wishes to oust him is for a good Malaita then they should throw their support behind MARA government under his leadership because they are doing it for the province.  

With that, Premier Suidani encouraged MPAs who are often absent from Provincial Assembly meetings to attend to discuss and know what the province is facing. 

He said attending meetings is the only way and place one can get first-hand information and combine with other MPAs to make critical decisions for the province.

He said those who want to bring up the motion of no confidence are the ones who are usually absent from important meetings.  

This Solomon Star understands that this is not the first time the Malaita Premier to be threatened with a motion of no confidence.